When visiting a new country or city, a tourist guide is invaluable. It offers a quick overview of local customs, top sites to see, how to get around, a pull-out map, and the places to find the best food. Every software engineering team should have a similar guide to welcome…

Some tips when you are good or bad with names

A painting called “Deux hommes en pied” by French painter Edgar Degas
Deux hommes en pied by Edgar Degas

I always have a hard time remembering names of people I have met. There are tricks that have helped me over time. I understand I am not alone. If you are good at remembering names, congratulations. It’s a great skill to have. …

COVID-19 will have the lasting impact of making remote working the new normal in the Tech Industry

For general tips on communicating better as an engineer, check out my recent book, C4E.

In 1973, during the so-called “Autoloze zondag” (car-free Sunday), my uncle took me biking on the A9 highway in the Netherlands. I still vividly remember how surreal that felt and what an impact that made on me.

News Updates
May 02:
50% of Goldman Sachs could work at home forever.
May 11:
Google and Facebook extend work-from-home until 2021.
May 11:
Productivity loss of working remote is 1%.
May 12
: Employees at Twitter can work from…

Some surprising approaches to calculating Pi

Calculating Pi using 5 Pizza Pies.

Each year on March 14, we celebrate Pi Day at Uber Amsterdam. This year, we were planning to celebrate Pi Day on Friday and to look at a couple of algorithms using PyAlgoViz. Due to COVID-19, the in-person celebration of Pi-Day got canceled, and instead we did a video call…

COVID-19 caused a world-wide WFH experiment. What now?

The home office of my colleague Alexey Györi of Uber Amsterdam — Picture taken April 7, 2020.

Whether you work from home structurally as a remote employee, or whether you are part of the world-wide WFH experiment caused by COVID-19, working from home will be different to most of us. Here are some tips to make working from home effective. …

It’s all about Communication

“We want our interviewees to solve real-world problems. So while you balance this binary search tree, I’ll be changing the requirements, imposing arbitrary deadlines and auditing you for regulatory compliance.” forrestbrazeal.com

A technical interview might be seen by some people as an event where the candidate tries to sell their qualities and the interviewer does the most to challenge them. Instead, it is a two-way discussion filled with communication opportunities.

During an interview session, the candidate is selling their skills. But…

How to structure technical documents effectively

Different kinds of documents exist. Some capture decisions. Others aim to structure work. Again others serve to teach a topic. Here are the type of documents you are likely to run into at work:

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